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Found: the Feel-Good Flat That's Comfortable, Ethical and Sustainable

Fashion JourneyColleen Reilley Bohmbach5 Comments

Rothy’s “The Point” flat is the most comfortable flat shoe I have ever worn, and I’ve worn a lot. But they not only feel good on my feet, they also make me feel good for supporting an environmentally-conscious product.

I recently needed a new pair of black flats, and as part of my journey to good, I only wanted to buy a pair I found to be ethical and sustainable.

In my search, I found Rothy’s, and I love them.

I believe Rothy’s are trending now, and for good reasons.

I recommend adding these incredible sustainable shoes to your wardrobe for the many reasons I list below.

Resale Fashion? There's an app for that. (Poshmark Review)

Fashion JourneyAnne Worth & Colleen Reilley BohmbachComment

Over the last few years, we’ve become increasingly aware and interested in combating unethical practices in the fashion industry including unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, toxicity in materials, low-quality “fast fashion” items that fill landfills quickly, and so on.

We’ll be posting more on these issues during our journey to good, but for now we wanted to let you all know about an app we’ve both found helpful for using resale fashion to expand and clean out our wardrobes: Poshmark.