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Resale Fashion? There's an app for that. (Poshmark Review)

Fashion JourneyAnne Worth & Colleen Reilley BohmbachComment

Over the last few years, we’ve become increasingly aware and interested in combating unethical practices in the fashion industry including unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, toxicity in materials, low-quality “fast fashion” items that fill landfills quickly, and so on. A fairly recent documentary we highly recommend watching to learn more about this topic is The True Cost

We’ll be posting more on these issues during our journey to good, but for now we wanted to let you all know about an app we’ve both found helpful for using resale fashion to expand and clean out our wardrobes: Poshmark.

What is Poshmark?

Per the website, “Poshmark is a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion. Shop the closets of women across America – and sell yours too!” They note on their FAQ page: “We have built a community where our members can buy and sell with confidence and ease. Shop . . . for new and gently used fashion at prices up to 70 percent off retail – all from your smartphone or on the web. List an item for sale in less than 60 seconds with the free iPhone, iPad, or Android app.”

Why do we use Poshmark?

While Poshmark does not contain only eco-friendly and ethical brands, it is an outlet for clothes that may otherwise be tossed out to receive a new life by buyers, like us. Online shopping is often the most convenient way to purchase, so we love that they bring resale and vintage wear right to your phone.

We like to purchase used brands (rather than “boutique,” which is the category Poshmark uses for “new merchandise from emerging and independent fashion brands”) to actively fight fast fashion and of course, get cute items at economical prices. Though, we have bought and sold "NWT" items (new with tags attached), which is a great way to exchange items you didn't/couldn't return but won't wear, as well as obtain new items as discounted prices. In the future, we hope to find ethical and sustainable “boutiques” on the app as well. 

Another reason we love Poshmark is because they make it so easy to list items quickly from your phone and ship the items you sell with minimal effort. After you make a sale, they send you a prepaid USPS label right to your email. All you need to do is print the label, pack your item and drop it in a mailbox.

We’ve both had good experiences receiving items we purchase in a timely manner, as they encourage shipping within 2 business days. In the rare occasion an item received is not as described, they will provide a prepaid return label and refund your purchase.

Can you really sell items?

Yes! We have both made hundreds of dollars thus far selling items we no longer wear or use. We feel great about giving items new life to others at affordable prices.

Are the clothes cute?

We think so. We love that there are so many users in the Poshmark Community with diverse wardrobes. There is certainly something for everyone in the many closets. They even sell men’s clothing, makeup, accessories (like Anne's necklace worn with Poshmark dress pictured below) and shoes (like Colleen's flats pictured below worn with Poshmark dresses).

Check out some of the items we’re loving from our Poshmark purchases below.

Do you use Poshmark? If so, what has been your experience? Have you found an ethical and sustainable "boutique" closet? Are there other resale apps you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!