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Imperfect Produce: Affordable Organics Delivered To Your Door

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My latest box of Imperfect Produce (small box, organic)

My latest box of Imperfect Produce (small box, organic)

Do you live in a city and desire the goodness of organic fruits and vegetables, but struggle with getting to expensive Whole Foods on the reg?

That’s exactly why I signed up for Imperfect Produce.

Imperfect Produce is an affordable produce delivery service, currently available in select US cities.

About Imperfect Produce - The Basics

Per the name, the fruits and vegetables in each Imperfect Produce box are considered by the suppliers and/or the company to be imperfect. These imperfections are determined by deciding that the produce falls into any of the following categories:

  • Size
  • Asymmetry
  • Scarring
  • Lack of Consumer Market
  • Discoloration
  • Surplus

Read on to learn if I have encountered any of these imperfections.

Reasons I Like Imperfect Produce:


I have received five boxes so far, and rarely have a found an item that falls into the scarring or discoloration categories. The produce I’ve received has nearly all been of excellent quality.

There was only one box that I received where there was some minor bruising on the apples. Those spots were easily cut away.

Overall I’ve been incredibly happy with the quality, so much so that I wonder if I’m consistently receiving produce that falls into the surplus or lack of consumer market categories.

Customization Options

The customization options offered by Imperfect Produce and great for both single people and families.

The following categories can be customized for your boxes of produce:

  • Size of box
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Extra Large
  • Type of box
    • Organic (JTG recommended option)
    • All Fruit
    • All Veggie
    • Mixed Fruit and Veggie
  • Frequency
    • Every Week
    • Every Other Week
  • Delivery Window Time
    • Choose time that is best for your schedule

In addition to these basic customizations, there is even more you can customize.

For example, I receive the small organic box weekly on Thursday evenings. Starting on Mondays at 3 pm until Tuesdays at midnight I can customize the actual produce that will be delivered in my box.

By logging into my account during this time I will see a list of what is selected for me. I can change quantities of items, remove items and even add items such as other organic items or even non-organic items.

Customization is my number 1 reason why I love Imperfect Produce. It really lets me choose the produce that I like, that I’m craving, and that will work best for my meal planning.

Company Mission

The mission of Imperfect Produce is something we can really get behind at Journey to Good. 

They are committed to:

More than 20% of the fruits and vegetables grown in America never make it off the farm because they aren’t perfect enough for grocery store standards. This results in billions of pounds of wasted produce every year. We’re talking about produce that is just as nutritious and delicious but looks a little different. With so many delicious fruits and vegetables going to waste, we decided we had to do something.
— Imperfect Produce
  1. Reducing food waste
  2. Quality
  3. Supporting farmers financially
  4. Transparency and honesty


Imperfect Produce sources primarily from farmers in California. They also source from other locations around the US and occasionally from Mexico and other out-of-state locations.

Since I live in Chicago I expect I have been offered Michigan options more often as well. To give you an example, I have received incredible organic apples and maitake mushrooms from my home state of Michigan. The majority of the rest of my produce has been from California.

According to their website, their sourcing “varies by the day and week depending on the weather and the seasons. Ultimately, our philosophy as a company is “follow the waste.”


For those of us who live in cities and deal with commuting and lack of nearby farmers, the convenience of a delivery service cannot be understated.


I also love that you can select a delivery window that works best for you.

Imperfect produce services the following areas, but their website says they are expanding, so sign up for their email list or keep checking back on your area.

They currently service these areas:

  • Chicago
  • California Bay Area
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • Portland
  • Seattle & Tacoma

Lastly, they offer the feature to “Skip a Box” if you need to for whatever reason, such as taking a trip (which you know we love to do at JTG).


My small box of organic produce is about $20/week. It can range depending on what I add or subtract during the customization window. For that price, I’m super happy. In the past it would have been easy for me to spend more each week on produce at any of my local grocery stores.

No cancellation fees or contracts

If you try Imperfect Produce and the service doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, they offer the option to change or cancel service without any penalty. Right on.


Reach out in the comment box with any questions. Happy to share about my personal experience using Imperfect Produce.