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Want a Metaphysical Experience with Your Organic Juice?

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One of my most favorite and unique organic juice & smoothie shops in Chicago is Infiniteus Rocks and Juice located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

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However, they are not solely an organic juice & smoothie bar, they are also a “metaphysical boutique” with a crystal shop in the back of the organic juice bar.

They were actually offering their metaphysical crystals and stones for sale two years before their delicious and organic juices, smoothies, cleanses, healthy snacks, super-foods and supplements. The “rocks” shop opened four years ago, and the juice bar two years ago.

I have never found anywhere else in the city that combines these two offerings, healing crystals and organic nourishment, and in such an inviting way.

They note they are a combination one-stop shop as they want to “promote wellness on physical and energetic levels.”

They define Infiniteus on their website, and as pictured behind me in the photo above (though not visible) as follows:

Infiniteus (in-FIN-i-tis).

(n.)-the single unit of consciousness created by the realization of the Infinite by many individual consciousnesses; an Infinite Us.

(v.)-the process of realizing, or the act of becoming, a single consciousness unit or major connected entity from many separate consciousnesses, particularly human beings.

Infiniteusly (adj.)-the act of becoming Infinite as a unit; the act of reaching Infinite

This meaning behind their name is part of their philosophy, which makes a visit to this shop in my opinion much more than a simple stop to pick up an organic drink or beautiful crystal.

Read on to learn more about why I love Infiniteus and the interesting philosophy behind this special store.

What Is Great About Infiniteus

I felt like the place was chill and perfect for catching up after a super introspective yoga class. The crystals were giving me energy too, I swear! My drink was delicious, super fresh, and I felt like every sip was bringing me more back to life...
— Angie Jurgensen

When I walked in, I immediately felt a pleasant vibe. The atmosphere is different than most stores. It is more relaxed, and alluring somehow. I was struck by the beautiful and interesting artwork lining the walls. What’s more the number 8 has always been my favorite because when turned on its side it becomes the infinity symbol, and thoughts of the infinity beyond this Earth have always fascinated me. Hence, the large infinity symbol hanging on the wall, and on all their bottles and store brand products was appealing.

In addition to the interesting and inviting atmosphere, I've found the juices and smoothies I’ve tried to be delightful.

I also love that in addition to their organic nourishment they offer powerful crystals and other “rocks”. They do so because they believe “in the benefits of achieving a healthy body, mind, and spirit all in one location for [us] beautiful humans.”

Angie, my friend, who joined me on this particular visit after a Saturday morning Core Power HPF yoga class, said:

I felt like the place was chill and perfect for catching up after a super introspective yoga class. The crystals were giving me energy too, I swear! My drink was delicious, super fresh, and I felt like every sip was bringing me more back to life after last night [a long night out for her birthday].

In sum, my favorite things about Infiniteus are:

1. Their Philosophy

I will go into this further below, but at Journey to Good, we believe in living your best, healthiest life. Infiniteus states they want to “maximize the Infinite life experience physically through the nourishment of organic juicing and mentally/spiritually through rocks and minerals as a metaphysical resource”. They go on to say on their website, “We inspire people to have the Infinite life experience, physically, mentally and spiritually. Our planet provides us with the physical nourishment of organic juicing and health products, and the mental/spiritual resources of crystals to help us reach an infinite us.” We can definitely get behind those goals!

2. Organic Juices, Smoothies, Cleanses & Other Menu-Items

Their beverages are 100% organic, and many contain superfoods.

I love that they list the “health profile” of their juices online. For instance, their “Love Juice” Health Profile is “enhanced libido, digestive support, fat burning/stimulating”. They also list a “Flavor Profile” for each juice which is helpful when choosing the right one for yourself. These juices are cold pressed, and available for purchase immediately in their fridge. As a bonus, you get to keep the beautiful glass bottle to reuse on your own!

Their organic smoothies are all made to order, healthy and delicious. I love that they include on their menu recommended add-ins for each smoothie, such as the following superfoods: spirulina, maca, chia seeds.  Also, the smoothies that contain almond milk use their house-made almond milk (yum!). There is only one other place in the whole of Chicago that offers house-made nut milk (our review on that shop here), and it is always much better tasting and healthier than store-bought almond milk.

In addition to their organic juices and shakes, they also offer “Elixirs” such as health shots of wheatgrass or ginger for example, and hot drinks like their “Superfood Hot Chocolate” containing coconut oil, honey, cinnamon, cayenne, cacao, hot alkaline water (will definitely be warming up with this come winter!). They even have a locally-brewed Kombucha on tap.

They also have “Solids” on their menu such as salads, sandwiches, and fruit items. And, the napkins you use while eating are 100% recyclable. :)

They offer organic juice cleanses which are focused on different goals such as: clear thoughts, digestion aid, curb food cravings, glowing skin, increase energy and weight loss. They list “juice cleanse benefits,” “reasons to cleanse,” “what to expect,” as well as an informative “cleansing made easy” guide on their juice cleanse page.

3. Organic Snacks & High-Quality Supplements for Sale

They have a variety of snacks for sale, including brands I’ve purchased before and enjoyed, such as rawmio chocolates.

They also have their own Infiniteus brand superfoods and snacks such as Infiniteus CBD Chocolate Butter. I’ve never seen CBD chocolate spread anywhere else. I bought theirs and although the taste was definitely more herb-y than I’m used to in my chocolate nut butters, it was still delicious! And, I'm happy to sacrifice a tiny bit of flavor for the benefits of CBD. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to see supplements for sale that I have purchased myself after researching to find them of high quality, such as HealthForce Truly Natural Vitamin C and HealthForce Liver Rescue. I would be interested in trying the Infiniteus brand supplements in the future as well.

4. Gorgeous Artwork for Sale

The already multifaceted juice bar and crystal shop is in addition a local art gallery.

I thought the paintings hanging on the walls were quite intriguing, and each lists: the title, medium, price, and artist. The art on the walls is for sale.

So, you may stop in for organic nourishment, metaphysical crystals and/or local art.

5. The Rock Shop!

They note in the back of the juice bar, up the ramp, one may “enter the rock room to find an array of crystals, mineral specimens, and high end jewelry.”

They offer crystals and stones for sale priced starting at $1 for small pieces up to thousands for large items. The owner is very knowledgeable about crystals, and staff in that part of the shop can explain the numerous benefits each crystal is said to offer (in addition to being beautiful decoration). They also list some of their crystals for sale and their purposes on their website here.

Recently, I've experienced the powers of crystals during Reiki sessions with Amber Reskey (which I will share on soon, she's fantastic), so definitely interested to check into this part of the shop further.

Regarding their stones, Inifiniteus states “Enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual self by working with crystals as a natural resource of the Earth. Like plants and humans, crystals are alive. They grow in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Crystals are healing tools provided by Earth that serve as conscious and physical allies to help us reach our Infinite capacity!” More information can be found on their website here or in the shop.

(Disclaimer: We and Infiniteus must acknowledge Crystals are not meant to replace or substitute the recommendations or advice of your physician or healthcare provider. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.)

Infiniteus Philosophy

I asked Infiniteus if the owner, Alex Drummond, could share more information on his vision/inspiration, and anything more he could share on his juice bar and crystal shop. One of his employees sent me his following quote, which is quite interesting!

From the owner of Infiniteus, Alex Drummond:

Infiniteus is a word combining the Infinite and the Us. It's pretty self explanatory but to touch on the philosophy, our realm of experience is binary; that is unified and connected, or singular and separate. We have two hemispheres of the brain, a right and a left, both governing completely opposite experiences. Reaching the Infinite as an individual human in this binary experience requires access to that third part of our brains that governs the neutral: the pineal gland. Here is where we can access the entire Universe. Consciously reaching this part of the brain however is a bit difficult given our conditioning of a separation consciousness, not to mention it is severely inhibited by the processed food and chemicals we consume as a culture. But as difficult as it may be, we take the stance that this may be accomplished with some work. Infiniteus is here to guide you on your journey to reaching the infinite aspect of your own minds' eye so we can "see" that the true expanded, uninhibited YOU is a god, creating everything you witness.
Cleaning the body is the key to accessing its hardware (i.e. the electro-magnetic brain) to the fullest. Cleaning out blood, organs, and the brain allows the possibility to accessing what the peneal has to offer, which in short, it allows you to control your experiences. We can help you do this by providing guidance and cutting edge supplements, superfoods, and techniques to get the clean, exuberant, electro-magnetic bio-structure that we are. Not to mention keeping an organic diet free of chemicals "they" won't tell you what are in your food is essential and of key importance. Our kitchen is entirely organic.
After the body and hardware is clean and we can access the subtleties of our electro-magnetic universe, we can use other physical tools to access and learn from this new found power. The tools we specialize in and offer are mostly crystals but also singing bowls and tuning forks and other items that may change or alter your frequency. Tools like this function with our energetic field and are proven to change and alter our aura or electro-magnetic field through kirlian photography.
All of this may sound quite "out there" or unbelievable to many people, but we don't care. We are proud hosts of one of the only places in the city where our guests and friends can come and openly share stories that are truly out of this world and feel not only comfortable exploring or coping with their experiences, but also comfortable and motivated to explore further how they can understand or progressively change their experiences on this planet.

The employee, Ashton, who sent me this quote from Alex, signed off with “Infinite love” which I thought was charming.

I have recently become more interested in the pineal gland coming across it in various research, after studying near-death experiences as well as after watching a documentary on “sungazing”. I am interesting in seeing how new perspectives such as this from Alex align with my Christian beliefs, and look forward to learning more.

Conclusion: I Recommend Experiencing Infiniteus for Yourself

I highly recommend stopping in to check out Infiniteus Rocks and Juice.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about their “out there” beliefs and using their guidance and tools to “to get to the clean, exuberant, electro-magnetic bio-structure that we are,” or, you simply want a delicious organic juice, smoothie or bite, you won’t be disappointed.

I appreciate having such a unique multi-faceted wellness shop in Chicago.

Infiniteus is located at 1644 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622.  Their Juice Bar is open Mon. - Thurs. 8am - 8pm, Fri. 8am - 9pm, and Sat.-Sun. 9am - 9pm. Their “Rock Room” (Crystal shop) is open Mon. - Thurs.12pm - 8pm, Fri. 12pm - 9pm, Sat. 10am-9pm, and Sun. 10am - 8pm. They also deliver!

Stay tuned for our next Infiniteus post: Our experience with their juice cleanse!

Have you been to Infiniteus? If so, what did you think? What is your favorite unique juice bar in Chicago? Let us know in the comments below!