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7 Excellent Etsy Vintage Shops to Use for Your Holiday Shopping

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The 2017 holiday gift guide season is here, and our feeds are flush with gift lists from Oprah, The Verge, and people joking about Tiffany’s ridiculous new collection.

A problem with most gift guides: They aren’t ethically focused. It’s rare to find a gift guide that lists where products originate or who made them.

At Journey to Good, we’re thinking about ways to shop ethically this holiday season.

Shop Etsy Vintage Shops

In years past Etsy was known for their handmade shops, which still exist, but Etsy is now more than handmade; it’s also an exceptional place to shop vintage.

We like Etsy because they combine the conveniences of transparent shipping costs, estimated arrival times and delivery updates with sweet vintage shops at our fingertips.

Why shop vintage?

  • Feel good about reusing an item instead of giving in to the status quo, trends or succumbing to your desires sponsored by the latest ad or marketing campaign
  • Find quality long-lasting products, at discounted prices
  • Give something rare or one-of-a-kind based on your recipient’s interests

The List

Here are our picks for 7 Excellent Etsy Vintage Shops to Use for Your Holiday Shopping and some Journey to Good (JTG) picks from their items currently for sale.

(Note: we are not affiliated with Etsy or any of these shops.)

1. For the Millennial Who Seeks Authentic 90s Fashion: TopShelfVintageCo

  • Shop name: TopShelfVintageCo
  • Based in: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Reputation: 693 5 star reviews
  • Shop description: We sell vintage streetwear.

Why we like it: For those of us who lived through 90s style the first time, it’s a bit shocking that oversized jean jackets, Mickey Mouse tees and velvet dresses are fashionable again. On the other hand, there’s a lot of character to these clothes, so we can see why fashionistas and fashionistos seek these unique pieces.

JTG picks:


2. For the Avid Reader Who Loves the Classics: Shop TheLionsDenStudio

  • Shop name: TheLionsDenStudio
  • Based in: Santa Barbara, California
  • Reputation: 567 5-star reviews
  • Shop description: Collected, Handmade, & Restored. From the owner: “The Lion's Den Studio is a one woman operation made up of funky vintage items I've collected and my hand made arts and crafts. I think that it is important to find and salvage usable vintage items, because it's sustainable. Why send perfectly good older items to the landfill and why waste energy producing new junk, when the old stuff works just fine?”

Why we like it: Books are considered classics for a reason. Why not indulge your book lover friend or family member with an illustrated hardcover classic like these?

JTG Picks:


3. For the MidCentury Modern Home Goods Enthusiast: Shop authenticious

  • Shop name: authenticious
  • Based in: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reputation: 439 5-star reviews
  • Shop description: midcentury. neo-modern. postmodern. 1950-1990

Why we like it: The owner of this shop, Scott, reports on each item in such detail. The descriptions are carefully worded and very thorough, detailing the names of the makers and designers of each piece, as well as the years made. It is the best of midcentury homegoods, carefully curated for you to choose from. Anne has personally purchased a beautiful 1960s white matte porcelain bisque vase manufactured by Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur from this shop, with great results.

JTG Picks:


4. For the Photographer Who is Also a Collector: Shop MicroscopeTelescope

  • Shop name: MicroscopeTelescope
  • Based in: Seattle, Washington
  • Reputation: 254 5-star reviews
  • Shop description: Mid Century Modern meets Science

Why we like it: How cool would it be to build a vintage camera decorative wall like these?

JTG Picks:


5. For the Movie Buff: Shop VintageBlackCatz

  • Shop name: VintageBlackCatz
  • Based in: Perth, Australia
  • Reputation: 368 5-star reviews
  • Shop description: you will find an eclectic mix of vintage, retro and oddities. All stock is original vintage and sourced worldwide. New items are loaded weekly as we thin out our collection, collected over 40 years.

Why we like it: These movie posters seem rare to us, and would look great in a home theater, game room or even as office decor.

JTG Picks:


6. For the Home Bartender: Shop thewildworld

  • Shop name: The Wild World
  • Based in: Lincoln, California
  • Reputation: 1015 5 star reviews
  • Shop description: A Vintage Home Boutique

Why we like it: This shop is not just for bartenders, check out the other items for home goods that would make excellent gifts.

JTG Picks:


7. For the Person Who Has Everything: Shop ChattCatVintage

  • Shop name: ChattCatVintage
  • Based in: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Reputation: 171 5-star reviews
  • Shop description: Offering timeless + vintage style for you & your home

Why we like it: You never know what random item you’ll find at ChattCatVintage. If you’re shopping for someone who’s difficult to shop for, sometimes you need to just see an item to realize they would want it or need it. Here are a few examples.

JTG Picks:


Find your Own Vintage Delights

If you’re interested in exploring more, find other vintage Esty shops. Simply select the “vintage” filter in the left panel after searching to narrow down.

I’ve saved these vintage items and more in an Etsy list for you for easy shopping.

Happy holidays and stay tuned to the blog for more ethical shopping tips from JTG in the next few weeks!

What vintage shops do you use on your journey to good? Leave us a note in the comments.