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How to Help: Hurricane Relief Options

Education JourneyAnne Worth

Our hearts are with the millions affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Tonight Rachel Maddow reported that this is the “single largest effort to restore electric power in all of U.S. history.” We are especially thinking of our friends and family who call these areas home.

As the world continues to warm slowly, and we see an increase in flooding, storms, hurricanes and devastation on shorelines, I feel sentimental. My mind goes to some of the amazing times I've had and places I’ve been lucky enough visit including St. Maarten, St. Thomas, the Florida Keys, the U.S. Virgin and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and many other Florida cities.

If you’re feeling emotions as well, sentimental or otherwise, or simply wondering how to help, there are several options.

Let's Stop Referring to People as "Girls" in Professional Settings

Education JourneyAnne Worth

Last week as I walked into a client meeting with a co-worker, we were greeted with a, “Hi girls.” 

Inwardly, I cringed. I’m well over the age of 12 (I point that out because many people consider either 12 or 18 the oldest age of a girl).

Not everyone seems to know (or care) that it’s not ok to use the word “girl” to describe an adult in a professional setting. 

It’s not news that there’s an awareness problem surrounding this subject and it applies to people of different generations, backgrounds and genders. People have been talking about this for years, and not just Mayim Bialik, but she’s talking about it too

What We're Watching Now: 4 Documentaries On Netflix That Could Change Your Life

Education JourneyAnne Worth & Colleen Reilley Bohmbach

We like to Netflix and chill at times. Though for us, it’s not just about entertainment… It’s also about education.

That's why we're big fans of documentaries, which can be entertaining vehicles for important information that can and have inspired major change.

See an example of what happened to Seaworld after Blackfish was released.

If a single film could have such a dramatic impact on a large corporation, think of how one great documentary on Netflix might affect you personally. 

If you're interested in opening your eyes to pressing issues and new strategies for better living, then check out our list of 4 powerful documentaries on Netflix now that you can watch to better your life today.