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Organic Skin Care with Results for All: Annmarie Skincare Review

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Honest. Wild. Beautiful.

The tagline for the skincare line that I use every day, Annmarie Skin Care. That mantra not only describes their products but also goals for their customers - to provide honest natural products which are organic and wildcrafted that give their customers beautiful skin.

Finding skin care you can trust to be safe and natural is very challenging in America, which we’ve mentioned before on this blog. My friend recently bought an “all natural” massage oil and showed it to me and I immediately spotted two ingredients that are in the “high hazard” category on the EWG Skin Deep rating system. And this was sold to her as the purest "natural" massage product that health foods store stocked!

Although legal, the effects of toxic skin care products that contain harmful phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, surfactants, alcohols, siloxanes, petroleum byproducts, PEGs, artificial fragrance, synthetic dyes and so on can lead to or worsen such issues as:

  • Allergies

  • Endocrine disruption / hormone imbalance  

  • Brain/kidney/liver/lung/nervous system damage

  • Increased BMI / obesity risk

  • Cancer

  • Reproductive toxicity, birth defects & infertility

  • Contact dermatitis/skin irritation

  • Damaging skin including dryness, increasing wrinkles, disrupting the skin barrier, inhibiting the release of toxins, and worsening acne

It can be very difficult to find pure and nontoxic skin care products in America. Someone who knows that struggle well is Annmarie Gianni, the founder of Annmarie Skin Care.

Annmarie and her husband, Kevin Gianni, were health bloggers who ran a popular YouTube videocast, The Renegade Health Show. They were often asked to share what skin care products they used. After Annmarie closely inspected the skin care products she owned, she found to her dismay nothing in her cabinets was in line with her high standards of what is healthy and safe for our skin. Annmarie and Kevin then began to search for all-natural organic skin products for themselves and their viewers. They spent several years searching the market and speaking to formulators but failed to find quality natural skin care products with ingredients and results they could in good conscience recommend. So, she and her partner decided to make their own skincare line, and Annmarie Skin Care was born in 2011.

I was going through similar issues as Annmarie a few years back when I was researching cancer and natural healing. I was so upset when discovering how unsafe and toxic are typical personal care products. This included my daily skin care products, even those I thought had been of high quality (such as Kiehl's).

I realized how important it was to me to find truly natural and nontoxic skin care products, and I know it’s important to many others. And, not just for beautifying reasons, but also because we don’t want to support companies selling products that cause harm.

That’s is why I am so grateful I discovered Annmarie Skin Care. They know the challenges in finding safe, quality skin care products and created their “worry free formulas with real results” to feed our skin with organic nourishing ingredients.

Read on to learn more about Annmarie’s offerings and the products I personally use.

Why I Recommend Annmarie’s Products

A popular beauty blogger stated Annmarie’s Skin Care products are so natural she wouldn't hesitate to eat every single one of them.

While I'm not using their skin care products as snacks, I definitely agree Annmarie’s is the most natural and trustworthy skincare line I've found that most importantly, actually works and provides skin improvement.

I have been using Annmarie Skin Care for about 3 years, and Anne has told me that my skin looks noticeably better since I made the switch from the ever-changing mix of brands I was using before I found Annmarie. My skin feels better to me as well. Additionally, I feel good knowing exactly what I'm putting on my skin and what environmental practices I'm supporting in the process.

Annmarie is the only skincare line that has ever earned my loyalty of consistent daily use for years, and I’m confident and happy in recommending their products to you.

What Makes Annmarie Different? Transparency, Trustworthiness & Process

All of Annmarie’s products are:

  • All Natural

  • Chemical-Free

  • Organic and Wildcrafted

  • 100% non-GMO

  • Cruelty-free

  • Made in the USA

  • Made with ingredients that have the planet in mind

I love that Annmarie notes, “we stand behind the transparency in our formulas 100%, and take even more pride in our products, from the wildcrafting stage to the formulation phase.” Their promise to their customers includes:

These products are natural and chemical free, totally in alignment with my health recommendations. And they are far more effective than anything I’ve seen in my 20 years of practice. They smell and feel amazing, and they really work.
— Dr. Mark Hyman, Ten-time New York Times Best-selling Author

Annmarie has remained highly recommended in the health and wellness community since inception because they provide trustworthy all-natural products at fair prices. Their well-known fans include Kris Carr, JJ Virgin and Dr. Sara Gottfried among others. They have a proven track record of results without compromising one’s health, and that is why they have so many supporters (famous and nonfamous alike).

From my experience, they go above and beyond other “natural” skin care lines in regards to the integrity of their ingredients. For example, none of their serums or moisturizers contain alcohols. Even expensive “all natural” lines that I’ve seen at upscale Spas or stores in Chicago still contain alcohols (such as cetyl alcohol or stearyl alcohol). (You can read why you want to avoid putting alcohols on your skin on their blog here).

Additionally, their amazing and friendly customer service team is happy to answer any questions regarding their ingredients. A few years ago I reached out because I questioned carrageenan being an ingredient and a team member quickly wrote me back explaining why they use it and that “carrageenan is too large a molecule to be absorbed through the skin, so you don’t have to worry about it getting into your bloodstream and affecting your gut.” They now have a very informative article on carrageenan in skin care on their blog here.

Annmarie is known for putting great care into their skincare line. They have a 3-step “Honest. Wild. Beautiful.” proprietary process that consists of the following:

  1. We carefully select organic and wildcrafted earth-based ingredients—including herbs and plant extracts—to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for your skin and body. We meticulously audit our sources to ensure that they continue to meet our standards of quality, purity, and sustainability.

  2. We then infuse selected herbs into aloe vera and into skin nutritive oils for up to 30 days at low heat (never over 95°). These infusions are used as a potent base for all our products.

  3. Then we craft the formulations by adding additional, selected natural plant extracts, high antioxidant plant and seed oils, skin supporting nutrients and aromatherapy to make the most active and effective natural products available. Additionally, we package these products with intention using Miron glass and sustainable materials.

Now that you know all about Annmarie and their process, let’s talk products.

Annmarie Skin Care Products & My Favorites

Annmarie has a complete skin care line that includes:

Their skin care products are designed to nourish the skin and provide a beautiful, healthy glow naturally (and who doesn’t want a good glow?) without chemicals or synthetic ingredients. They work to smooth and even skin tone while combating dullness, as well as reverse the signs of aging and stress. For example, their herb-infused aloe base for their skin care products works to increase collagen production to allow the skin to renew itself, repair damage, and maintain its strength and elasticity.

Variety of Products for Different Skin Types

Annmarie Skin Care offers something for everyone. Annmarie recognizes we all have different skin types, so they offer products for dry/mature, normal/combination, or oily skin. Plus, they offer their anti-aging line (which I use and love) and products for sensitive skin, among other needs such as gluten-free products.

Long Lasting & Instructions for Use

The products last a good amount of time. I was previously guilty of overusing, for example putting 4-5 pumps facial oil on at one time. Now I follow their helpful guide for the recommended order and quantities for using their products here.

Great Smelling

Their products also smell great. Because they are all natural there’s never any chemical smell, it only smells like essential oils, fruit, flowers or infused herbs. There are NO synthetic or dangerous “fragrance” in any product.

While I encourage you to try products based on your skin type and skin needs, below are my favorites that I use either every day or regularly.


Latest delivery of products - always in recyclable packaging and includes an aromatic re-usable bag of potpourri

I use all of the following cleansers. I prefer scrubs, but I rotate with a cleanser so that I don’t use a scrub more than 2 to 4 times per week (and some evenings I skip washing my face altogether... I’m still on a journey to the perfect routine :).

The Kaolin Micro Exfoliant is my absolute favorite from this category. When I opened it for the first time I was taken aback by surprise. I couldn’t believe how good it smelled! It is so fragrant, and I swear the scent uplifts my mood (I seriously feel happier smelling it). Also, it feels great! I can feel the exfoliant properties working because it’s a rougher scrub that’s still gentle. My skin feels softer after using. This scrub is suitable for all skin types, except sensitive, and is meant to exfoliate, cleanse and smooth. It contains key ingredients of green kaolin clay that cleanses and detoxifies, and diatomaceous earth that promotes smooth, soft skin and is an exfoliant that replenishes minerals while removing impurities. Its last key ingredient is Lavender Essential Oil which is wonderful for skin and the scent is uplifting. No wonder I love it so much!

Their Aloe Herb Cleanser is a daily cleanser that is safe to use on sensitive or dry skin as it’s meant to cleanse gently and leave your skin “feeling moisturized and nourished.” It a non-foaming cream cleanser that could be used with a facial brush. I sometimes feel a tightness after using it, but not negative dryness, and I find it effective at removing impurities and excess oil. It is noted to be a “pH-balanced, aloe vera-based cream cleanser infused with healing herbs and a light blend of natural oils containing essential fatty acids, to keep your skin naturally hydrated.” (I would like to try their Citrus-Mint Cleanser next.)

The Ayurvedic Facial Scrub is a dry powder that is mixed with water to provide a deep scrub. I like using this product on occasion as I find it to give a deep clean, exfoliation and my skin feels softer than after only a cleanser. It works well for all skin types including sensitive skin. Its key ingredients are the herbs horsetail and fenugreek seeds to exfoliate and soften, and mineral-rich Rhassoul clay from Morocco to absorb excel oil.

Neroli Toning Mist

The Neroli Toning Mist is the first product I put on every morning after I wash my face/shower. It is so refreshing! It is meant to provide a dose of hydration to the skin and help fight the loss of moisture throughout the day. It contains Aloe Vera, Aspen Bark Extract, and Neroli Essential Oil. Neroli Essential Oil is known for its ability to regenerate skin cells, improve the elasticity of skin, and balance the skin so it’s appropriate for both dry and oily skin types. Its antimicrobial properties make it helpful in treating bacterial skin conditions as well. I love applying this mist before my serum and moisturizing oil, or when I need to feel clean and refreshed in a pinch. The scent of Neroli Essential Oil known to be a natural mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. Decent. 

Serums: Anti-Aging Serum, Citrus Stem Cell & Wild-Fruit Serum

I use one of Annmarie’s serum’s before their facial oil every morning. Serums are good for tightening and reducing the appearance of fine lines, while also promoting even skin tone.

For skin care in your thirties (which I’ve entered), Annmarie recommends their Anti-Aging Serum “before you moisturize to keep the skin plump and healthy.” I use this serum most frequently. Annmarie notes this serum “works to soothe the feeling of inflammation and plump up the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid hydrates, while the herbal extracts buddleja davidii and edelweiss protect skin from environmental stressors. This serum is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.”

Another serum I love using is their Citrus Stem Cell Serum. It works to rejuvenate “skin and provides powerful antioxidant activity to help promote beautiful skin. It is formulated with uva ursi, licorice root, and amla berry to deliver youthful, vibrant and radiant looking skin. This serum is great for dull skin and sun lovers.”

My favorite serum is their Wild Fruit Serum. It is so fragrant it makes me happy as soon as I squeeze it on my finger and catch its aroma. It is designed to brighten, hydrate and help tone aging skin, so perfect for someone like me who prefers to look younger than my actual age. Per Annmarie, this is “a full-functioning serum with ingredients like kakadu plum and knotweed that are great for sensitive skin but very rejuvenating and beautifying.”

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I consider my eyes a problem area on myself for wrinkles, and I like to think it’s because I smile so often, but in any case, it’s important to me to protect my delicate eye area. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to keep this area youthful. Annmarie’s Anti-Aging Eye Cream is a creamy blend of herbs and active plant cells. It has an earthy and slightly sweet aroma and is easy to apply. I find it gives my under eyes a brighter dewy glow like their oil provides for the rest of my face. Its key ingredients include antioxidant-rich green tea and goji berries to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and cucumber extract and their “herb eyebright” to temporarily ease puffiness. This is an essential product for me and anyone with eye area concerns.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

This rich Anti-Aging Facial Oil is good for dry and mature skin. I think I have more combination skin, but I use it with good results as anti-aging is my skin care focus. It is a herb-infused formula containing antioxidant-rich seed oils. I love the herbaceous earthy smell. It designed to “keep dry and mature skin supple and dewy” while also “reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” it’s key ingredients are anti-aging seed oils — chia, goji berry, and broccoli. I have never even heard of broccoli being used in a facial oil, but I’m not complaining. It truly moisturizes and restores to give you a dewy glow all naturally.

Masks: Coconut Honey & Purifying Mud

I’m prone to dryness, so on my journey to having beautiful skin I plan to use their Coconut Honey Mask at least once per week, and probably twice per week during the dry winter months. I absolutely LOVE how soft my skin feels after this mask, and it smells so good I almost want to eat it (and you could). This mask contains mountain wildflower honey (containing B vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals) and extra virgin coconut oil as it’s key ingredients, and it’s only other ingredients are beeswax and vanilla extract (all organic or wildcrafted as usual). It is designed to provide vitamins, live enzymes and amino acids to keep “skin looking smooth and plump” while softening and soothing it.

The Purifying Mud Mask is very popular because it can sometimes be sold out when I go to buy it. This is a class mask for firming and tightening skin leaving it “renewed and fresh” feeling. It is a powder that you form into a paste with water and then apply, letting it dry upon your skin. Its key ingredients are Rose Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, and Chlorella Algae. “Rhassoul clay rich in the minerals silica and magnesium. Chlorella algae provide phytonutrients, while rose clay absorbs excess oil.” Anne and I both like the way our skin feels after this mask - cleaner, soft and ready to absorb moisturizing products.

Rosemary-Peppermint Body Wash

I think the Rosemary-Peppermint Body Wash is particularly good because I love the rosemary-peppermint scent. Peppermint is a very strong scent, so it’s not for everyone, but if you like it, you’ll love the refreshing aroma of this wash. It is ph-balanced cleanser suitable for all skin types and meant to cleanse and energize your skin. Peppermint is a very invigorating and energizing oil, and Annmarie notes “contains rosemary and essential oil of peppermint combined to leave your skin feeling cool, refreshed and uplifted.” The key ingredients are Aloe Vera, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Peppermint Essential Oil.

Sun Love Sunscreen

Being a fair gal and aware of the toxicity of most sunscreens, I've tried many natural/organic brands and can honestly say Sun Love is by far my favorite. It is rich and creamy and goes on so smoothly. I have thought to myself it could be an everyday moisturizer by itself given it has the purest and most beneficial ingredients I've seen in a sunscreen. With Sun Love I'm not anxious about how it feels or anxious to wash it off because I don't want it absorbed (it feels great). There is definitely a gray tint to it due to the zinc when you first put it on, but that can provide an evener skin tone look and as it's rubbed in and absorbs there is no noticeable tint. It is formulated with 15% non-nano zinc oxide, and infused with antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn seed, buriti fruit and sunflower seed oil “to nourish and visibly enhance your glow.” It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Travel Kits

I love to travel, and the Restore Travel Kit is my travel kit of choice as it contains the Aloe Herb Cleanser, Kaolin Micro Exfoliant, Neroli Toning Mist, Anti-Aging Facial Oil, and Coconut Honey Mask. The items come in a convenient linen drawstring bag, so they handle packing for us.

They have three other kits to choose from, and I have purchased Body Essentials Kit in the past as well. I’ve used the full-size versions of their Coconut Body Oil and Radiant Skin Silk Body Lotion, and both products are great but I prefer the Radiant Skin Silk lotion because it absorbs faster and contains chamomiles as well as rosewood and frankincense essential oils.

Their Website, Blog, Loyalty Rewards & Promotions

I love the user experience their website offers.  

For those who are new to their website, they offer a free “Skin Score” quiz to determine your skin type and skin health score, followed by personal product recommendations. Your results are emailed to you along with their "9 Habits to Break for Amazing Skin" guide.

Their website also allows you to shop by skin/type and interest including shopping according to the following categories:

  • Anti-aging
  • Dry/mature
  • Normal/combination
  • Oily
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Sensitive
  • Pregnancy
  • Hands & Feet
  • Children

Annmarie’s Skin Care website also includes their blog, which has been so helpful to me and other readers. I’ve already mentioned two of their blog posts in this post, and I’ve used another one to help explain why I use olive oil as a carrier oil on this blog. Annmarie’s blog is so informative, and I really appreciate the time and effort they put into providing educational articles to their customers including their “Ingredient Watch List” section.

Quality skin care can be expensive, and that’s why I love that they offer a loyalty rewards program. Their Loyalty Rewards Program is free enrollment and provides 1 point for every dollar spent, as well as referral bonuses. Your points can be redeemed for money off your future orders.

They also frequently offer discounts on select products plus free gifts with orders. They consistently provide ways for their customers to save and try new products. A promotion running now that is particularly great for new customers wanting to test products is their:

SAMPLE KIT PROMOTION ($10 cost + $10-off coupon + FREE “Skin Detox” book, a $24.95 value): Fortunately, Annmarie understands that you may be unsure and want to test out their products before purchasing full size versions. That’s why they created 3 skin care Sample Kits for different skin types, as well as 2 sample kits of other product lines, for only $10. Plus, if you purchase a Sample Kit now for $10 you will also receive their Skin Detox Book Free (a $24.95 value). On top of that, when you sign up to receive your sample kit you will also receive a $10 off coupon for a future order. The coupon makes your sample kit essential free if you choose to order their products after experiencing their benefits for yourself. Plus, free shipping. It’s a great deal! Buy here.


I am highly satisfied with all aspects of Annmarie’s Skin Care products and use daily. That is why I feel so confident in recommending to you.

Nontoxic skin care is so important to our health and our planet’s well being, and that's what Annmarie Skin Care provides.

I am confident you won’t be disappointed if you give them a try. And, your body will thank you.

Have you used Annmarie Skin Care, if so what did you think? What is your favorite product? Let us know in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: I've been using Annmarie products for a few years now, but after starting this blog we became affiliate partners with Annmarie. That means if you purchase products through the links shared above, we will make a small profit on your purchase, but the price for you remains the same. Thank you for your support!