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Soothing 5-Minute Face Mask with Honey & Lavender Made Simple

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Face masks are a great way to show your skin some extra care, and address issues like breakouts, dryness, sunburn, and general concerns such as slowing the aging process.

Ideally, it is good to use a face mask at least once per week, and up to several times per week in your skin care routine.

Two of my most favorite natural skin care ingredients to use are raw honey and lavender essential oil, the most soothing ingredients in this DIY face mask, which also incorporates unrefined virgin coconut oil.

What is better than an easy to make DIY face mask that is anti-aging, soothing, healing and all-natural?

See the recipe below followed by more information on the skin soothing ingredients.

Organic Skin Care with Results for All: Annmarie Skincare Review

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Honest. Wild. Beautiful.

The tagline for the skincare line that I use every day, Annmarie Skin Care. That mantra not only describes their products but also goals for their customers - to provide honest natural products that are organic and wildcrafted to give their customers beautiful skin.

It can be very difficult to find pure and nontoxic skin care products in America. A few years back, I was discovering how unsafe and toxic my daily skin care products were, even those I thought had been of high quality (such as Kiehl's).

I realized how important it was to me to find truly natural and nontoxic skin care products, and I know it’s important to many others. And, not just for beautifying reasons, but also because we don’t want to support companies selling products that cause harm.

That’s is why I am so grateful I discovered Annmarie Skin Care. They know the challenges in finding safe, quality skin care products and created their “worry free formulas with real results” to feed our skin with organic and wildcrafted nourishing ingredients.

Read on to learn more about Annmarie’s offerings and the products I personally use.

DIY Recipe: JTG + RMO Invigorating Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask

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Winter is coming, and that means dry hair. In this coming season, we want to combat dryness and improve our hair's strength, growth, and appearance.

So, we started with this easy-to-make, invigorating and nourishing DIY hair mask that we wanted to share with you all. Below is the recipe and steps to make this hair mask, followed by the benefits of each ingredient.

Seize Control of Your Skin-Care: DIY Healthy & Natural Moisturizer

DIY Journey, Beauty JourneyColleen Reilley Bohmbach

Our largest organ, our skin, the barrier protecting us from the world, eats. Now “eats” isn't exactly correct, but I want to emphasize that our skin absorbs what is put on it.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, our skin absorbs an average of 64% of total contaminants. I've read other reports that state absorption is closer to 70% of what is applied to our skin.

Therefore, any contaminants in our lotions/perfumes can enter our bodies and have systemic effects on our health.

We want to avoid toxic chemicals and additives in our skin care, just as we do with our food, given the majority of what is put on our skin is absorbed.

A good moisturizer is one that you can feel safe about having absorbed into your body as it contains no harmful natural ingredients, chemical additives or harsh preservatives.

The easiest way to ensure you have a healthy, nontoxic body moisturizer is to make it yourself.

That is why I am excited to share one of my favorite DIY body moisturizer recipes below. 

The Best Vegan & Cruelty-Free Natural Mascara for Lovely Lashes

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My priority is to only buy non-toxic and cruelty-free cosmetics. Fortunately, we live in a time where there are numerous natural brands producing safe makeup.

I have never been an extensive makeup wearer. I’ve had my makeup professionally done, and I love the way it looks, but heavy makeup is just not for me. I never learned how to use foundation or powder, nor do I care for how it feels, so I never use it. I don’t know how to contour my face or do fancy eye shadow looks. BUT, the one makeup item I can say I am an expert in is mascara.

I was loyal to a few toxic brands before my journey to switching to natural makeup. When I began trying non-toxic brands, I had mixed and sometimes disappointing results.

However, I am happy to share that I’ve found the best non-toxic and cruelty-free mascara I’ve ever used called “Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara” by Pacifica.

Read on to learn more about why I’m sharing my recommendation this product.